Should my logo be serif or sans-serif?

Wondering if your logo should be serif or sans-serif? Wonder no more!

There’s a general rule of thumb that makes this decision super simple. But first (for those in the back) here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between serif and sans-serif.

Serif v. Sans-Serif

Simply put, serif fonts are ones with added decorative lines that serve as little embellishments—known as the serifs. Sans-serifs are—you guessed it—fonts without serifs.

Serif v. Sans Serif image courtesy of (

It’s said that serifs are better in print, and sans-serifs are better online, but in the words of Sean Spencer…

So which do I use in my logo?

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

If your brand personality is classy, elegant, refined, or timeless—serif all the way.

But if your brand personality is more clean, young, and modern—sans-serif is your best bet.

In the world of design, there are no hard and fast rules (except maybe “Never use comic sans—unless done so ironically”), so your brand may be the exception. But 95% of the time, this rule works.

Your brand not fit the bill? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back at you with a more specific recommendation. Would love to help out!

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